She didn’t let up until my cock was completely hard and began choking her. I looked down to see my lap full of Cherry’s red hair as she began to slowly bob up and down my length. Cherry turned her head to look up at me while opening her mouth wide. My cock tried to spring up straight but was caught by her cheek, which pushed outwards lewdly.
With her mouth still stuffed, an involuntary smile forced its way to her lips as she looked up at the expression on my face. I brushed her hair back behind her ear and she continued her slow bobbing. She was working hard to get me to cum while I was working hard to keep some distance between us and the few other cars on the road. The distraction of driving helped to hold off my orgasm, but Cherry was determined. She began to hum with lust as she took me in as far as she could go. Picking up the pace slightly, she began to choke herself again. Her saliva collected heavily on my shaft before she would slurp it off and repeat the entire process.