Daddy & Daughter Seduction Compilation

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The last week has been young pretty normal without any kind of sexual tension and I have the day off from work. Unfortunately, it’s the middle of summer and the heat is stifling outside with a perverse temperature of nearly 100 degrees farenheit at only 9:00 AM. It’ll only get worse throughout the day. More unfortunate is the fact that we only have a hairy plug-in fan to circulate air in the trailer and no central A/C.

Most unfortunately, our fan broke last night and I can’t afford a new one until I get paid next week. Even then, it’ll be financially tight. We’ve closed the blinds to keep as much hot sunshine out as we can. Still, it’s got to be in the low 80s in here.

Guy was on the couch playing video games when I got up about 20 minutes ago. We both commented on how uncomfortable it is in here while unchiul drank some water in our anal two-chair dining area on the other side of the front door. I can see that Corey’s sweating through his gray t-shirt and i am aware of my own sweat. It’s disgusting.