A Few steps to improve your ranking in search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to rank higher in search engines on relevant keywords and – consequently – attract more qualified traffic. Mega Seo Marketing  found out that the average value of an organic user is at least 5 times higher than the value of a paid one depending on the brand promoted.  So without further ads, we bring to you the ultimate Best Adult SEO Guide in 2020 covering the following topics

Similar to a business plan, you should first identify competitors in your adult vertical or niche. In fact, a thorough competitor analysis will unveil a treasure trove of crucial information, namely the most powerful keywords for which other businesses rank for, how webmasters optimize their sites, what type of content works best and other useful strategies. Choosing which keywords you’ll be using for your best organic SEO strategy is an art in itself, but you can sure make your life easier by following our advice!  Using SemRush or Ahrefs will definitely help you generate great keyword lists with volume searches by month, cost per click (CPC), competition and more…

However, if you don’t have access to these premium seo and marketing tools, you can try Keyword.io which is a freemium—albeit limited—alternative. Another option at your disposal is Google’s Keyword Tool (probably the best freely available tool for Google Ads users).

Long tail keywords convert better and have less competition and rank in Google First Page Organic SEO .

Play Your Cards Right: Use Long Tail Keywords as Well Organic Traffic is comprised of either traffic that found you through search engines or through other websites that linked towards your website thanks to the quality of  Google top 3 SEO . Long tail keywords are a combination of usually 3 or 4 keywords used for a specific search. They usually attract a smaller volume of monthly searches but their conversion rate is much higher.

As a matter of fact, the more specific the query, the more likely web users will click on the result that matches it (see the example in the following graphic). 

Having your website built according to the Adult SEO guidelines underneath is capital and strong recommended by SEO Agency .

We can’t stress this enough: these steps are essential if you wish to grow a sustainable online business with mega organic seo .

Also called direct traffic, type-in traffic is traffic that lands on your website by simply “typing-in” your URL (usually the case with short domain names, dictionary word domains, or memorable ones).

The more powerful & memorable your brand is, the more type-in you’ll get, and—consequently—the more it can improve your rankings in Google. But that’s not the only thing you need to focus on.  Try Using Your Focus Keyword Within Your Domain Name  . Think about it.

Having your focus keyword at the root or your URL is the best case scenario.You can buy a domain with existing backlinks that might already be attracting some type-in traffic.  On the other hand, you need to be careful about the quality of those backlinks to avoid penalties.

Therefore, We strongly suggest  to adult friendly hosting  solution to avoid seeing your website banned or blocked for non respecting the Hosting provider policy (TOS) regarding explicit content. When you start your adult business, you have to be particularly careful about the terms and conditions of the online services you’ll be using.

That said, it’s never wise to host mainstream and adult sites on the same IP address, otherwise you might see your mainstream sites get flagged as adult seo . Well, let’s just say that you can easily lose half of your hard earned traffic if your website doesn’t load in under 2 seconds.

A sitemap is also a major tool for web spiders (aka search robots) guidance. The purpose of a sitemap is to inform these spiders of the pages that are indexable. Let’s take the example of the theme park once again with best adult seo …The sitemap would be the map given at the entrance to all visitors that’s showing the available attractions and their location in the park. Yes. It’s that simple.

If you want Search Engines to properly index your website, you need to generate a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.

Another good practice is to avoid using stop words in your page slug. However, the efficiency of this practice has become more and more debatable since it doesn’t seem to be as relevant as it once was for adult SEO pack purposes.

Unsurprisingly, this is why unique content represents the cornerstone of strong adult SEO strategy, even with regard to your adult content or organic seo  . Make sure to update your content when it becomes outdated. You should also publish new content on a regular basis.Does this technique guarantee that all 100% of your pages remain equally relevant in the long run ? Absolutely not!Having absolute content is something common , especially if you run a big website.